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Our services

Agricultural Services:

  • 1--Status Reports
  • 2--Repair Project Status and Effect Documentation
  • 3--Monitor Livestock – Keep track of livestock and grazing patterns
  • 4--Drainage & Irrigation – Plan drainage and irrigation repair
  • 5--Prescription Maps – Generate better variable rate prescriptions
  • 6--Parasites & Fungi – Crop scout to detect parasites and fungi
  • 7--Reduce Crop Loss – Assess crop damage to negotiate fair loss percentages
  • 8--Crop Scout – Compile plant counts and analyze stand establishments
  • 9--Elevation Map

Golf Course Services:

  • 1--Drainage & Irrigation – Plan drainage and irrigation repair
  • 2--Elevation Map
  • 3--Turf Management

Power Lines:

  • 1--Growth Documentation
  • 2--Sagging


  • 1--Cell Productivity Report
  • 2--Emergency Response and Documentation
  • 3--Construction Status and Documentation
  • 4--Site Inspection


  • 1--Emergency Response and Documentation
  • 2--Construction Status and Documentation
  • 3--Accurate inventory of turbine blades with their condition over time
  • 4--Real Time Monitoring of site
  • 5--Blade Visual Inspection
  • 6--Blade Condition Assessment, Analysis and Reporting