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SkyHigh Inspection, LLC is a drone service provider specializing in delivering actionable reports to our clients by capturing high quality aerial data to discover hidden issues in their high level assets to maximize efficiency, avoid catastrophic failures and utilize their maintenance dollars in the most effective way possible. ...

Data Integrity


We are professional data collection personnel. Ready to discover how to best collect the information you need to extract the most productive life possible out of your business asset.


    A SkyHigh inspection reduces downtime on your high value assets by eliminating the need to send your employees up tower or into hazardous areas

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  • Valuable

    SkyHigh data collection methods give you the ability to work proactively by finding the hard to see issues in your operational systems to save you money with early detection and allowing you to budget your resources accordingly. Protecting you bottom line from the sky.

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    SkyHigh inspections can and should be repeated on a regular basis to monitor your assets and provide a historical data set to analyze performance and help you plan for continued success and profitability.

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